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Two Models

Wellness Growth Ventures

Wellness Growth Ventures is a wellness sector seed fund focused on investing in female-founded brands that are transforming the industry. We identify and support visionary female entrepreneurs who are creating innovative products and services that expand the wellness market.​


Female Founders

We believe in the outperformance of female founders who are building the iconic brands of tomorrow and tapping into the fast growing purchasing power of women. Women led teams consistently generate higher ROIs, and our LPs reap the benefits of the success of our female founders.


Wellness Disrupters


We invest in wellness brands that are disrupting the prehistoric categories and underserved consumers. Wellness continues to be the focus and highest spend category for Gen Z and Millennial consumers. A consistently growing market globally, where consumers are replacing traditional healthcare habits and spend with the innovation of wellness. 

Our Expertise

As female wellness founders ourselves, we are deeply embedded in the sector and have the financial and operational expertise needed to create value for our partners. ​We leverage decades of successful consumer wellness investment and operating experience to help our founders build strong, durable business that outperform the market.


Los Angeles, CA

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